Niyama Maldives Luxury Private Islands

Family Beach Pool Villa

An indoor-outside family oasis that opens onto powder-delicate shoreline. Wake up to sea views and the remainder of sunrise's palette. Children rollic in radiant day play on the shoreline. Adults sprinkle in your private pool, or float into the skyline on a dhoni swing.
Room Size: 255 View: Ocean View
Beds: 1 King Bed
Max. Adults: 3 Min. Adults: 1 Max. Children: 2
Max. Occupancy: 5

Villa Layout

Laze all day in soft layers of linen, with ocean views, gourmet snacks and a soothing soundtrack from the suite’s pre-loaded iPod. Delicious seclusion ensconced by bowing palms and the lull of the ocean waves. Sink-in sofas. An over-sized plunge pool


A private spread for chilling and playing, the beach suite incorporates a front room by day that transforms into extra large solace for two kids. Loosen up with in the open air washing, with a dousing tub and the decision of indoor and outside rain showers cased by virgin palm fronds. At night, cuddle up with naturally popped popcorn and watch a film in encompass sound. The entire family can dive in to the Deli-In for licks of hand crafted dessert, sweet treats and appetizing bites

Living Area

Sink-in sofas. An oversized plunge pool. Room for little ones to play, sleep, and delight in surprise gifts from your ever-smiling Thakuru